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  Car fax and Auto Check provide "comprehensive" vehicle history reports. Both offer the consumer a powerful tool in researching used vehicles. Both companies also rely on insurance companies as well as garages and state entities to voluntarily provide information regarding a vehicles history. The key word is "voluntarily", many repair shops never report to Car Fax or Car Check. Basing your buying decision on either of these reports could be costly. The following is a great example of why a third party used car inspection is so important.

  Earlier this year we were requested to inspect a 1983 Mercedes 300sd. The customer stated she had found what looked to be a clean car on CraigsList. Since they were from central Texas and the car was located in Fort Worth they requested us to perform a third party inspection. They had spoken to the cars owner and had been told that the car was in great shape with the exception of a faulty sun roof motor. The posted pictures looked good and would lead most people to believe the car was a cream puff. I looked at the ad myself and was quite impressed with what the car "appeared" to be. The customer had ordered an Auto Check report and it came back good. It appeared they had found their next car. 

  Upon arrival to inspect the car it was apparent that the owner was not thrilled about us being there. As soon as we began inspecting the car two things became very apparent.

      1. The sunroof did not work. 

      2. Nothing else worked either!

  The car was a disaster! The seats were broken, every switch in the car was broken or missing, the paint was bad, there was a six inch hole in the rear quarter panel, the car was leaking oil, the stereo was useless and worst of all the Frame Was Cracked!  The owner had been telling our customer that the car had no problems other than the sun roof!

  Luckily our customers were experienced in buying cars. They knew that a clean history report was only half the story.

  History reports are very important part of buying a used car but they are only one part of the puzzle. You should always use a third party inspector..

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1983 Mercedes 300SD
Broken Frame Rail
6" Hole in 1/4 Panel
Oil Leak
How much can you depend on a history report?
Please read the story below.
1983 Mercedes 300SD             Broken Frame Rail               6"  Hole in 1/4 Panel                          Oil Leak