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Standard Inspection
Classics & Exotics
  Exterior Inspection Points

     Paint and Body Condtion                                                                                         

     Underbody check for any rust or Damage                                                                 

     Presence of scratches, dents and rust                                                                      

     Paint Thickness/Body filler - Gauged                                                                        

     Condition of Tires and Wheels - Gauged                                                                                

     Inspect all glass                                                                                                         

     Inspect for flood and collision damage                                                                      


     Check interior lights, guages and all other electrical accessories                        

     Thorough check of interior upholstery, headliner, carpets, seat belts                  


     Visually inspect engine and under the hood components                      

     Check all fluid levels and inspect for leaks                                                            

     Review maintenance records                                                                                

     Road test car if possible                                                                         

     OBD2 Scan Tool                                                                                                  

     ​Photo Documentation ( # of photos taken 30 +)                                              

     Oil Sampling also performed - for an additional fee             

     Photo documentation of known identifiers of classic cars                                         

     Vin verification and decoding                                                                                     

     Additional steps will be taken to ensure soundness and authenticity of car and parts used.
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